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  Locally Owned  

We Repair All Smart Devices!

Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, and Game Consoles

Have you been looking to repair your device but have found yourself being quoted way too much or do the services take forever? Repair 2 Fix is here to help.

12 Years Experience

Technician Owned & Operated

Low Price


15 Minute Repairs

Technician with Broken Screen

From Apple to Android

Smartphones & Tablets

Repairs at the lowest price in town


Guaranteed Work

All Repairs

Backed By


90 days or more!

Repairs By Device

With over 12 years of experience, our technicians can help you repair your device in no time. We perform screen repairs in 8 minutes, and that is our promise. Whether it be an iPhone, Samsung, or Android, we have your back. We also perform most other repairs in as little as 15 minutes so that you can be out of the door with your good-as-new device in no time. Repair 2 Fix uses only high-grade manufacturer parts and we have a FREE 90-day warranty for all repair services and parts. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are confident in the level of quality of the services that we provide. With two convenient locations in both Miami and Plantation, you can rest assured that your device is in good hands.


For our gamers, we also provide game console repair services. Is your Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox Series X giving you trouble? We can definitely help you out. We provide hard drive upgrades as well as HDMI port repairs. We also can help you fix your Nintendo Switch screen if you dropped it by accident and cracked it.


We are also able to repair your iPad or Samsung tablet. We understand how frustrating it is to charge your device overnight just to find that it didn't charge at all - it may be an issue with your charging port or battery. We help fix tablet charging ports, as well as perform battery replacements, screen and speaker repairs, as well as much more. We also help in repairing your Apple Watch. Do you need a quick, high-quality, affordable repair? Contact us at Repair 2 Fix today!

We provide a variety of different repair services other than our popular screen repair. We can also fix your phone's backglass, speaker, microphone, camera, charging port, and even your battery. We also specialize in PC and laptop virus removals, which can be very dangerous to your safety, as well as battery replacements, data transfers, and more. We are also able to custom-build the PC of your dreams.

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