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Our Warranty

90 Days of Defect Protection

At Repair 2 Fix we pride ourselves in client loyalty. Our Mission is to earn your business for life.

To this end we stand behind our FREE in-house 90 day warranty.

This Warranty is designed specifically to protect you and give you confidence in trusting us with your device repair needs. Coverage includes:

  • Defective or Malfunctioning Parts

  • Technician Installation Error 

This Warranty is not a "Protection Plan"

Our warranty is designed to protect our clients from neglect or defect on our end to our manufactures production. It does not in any way offer protection for damage that occurs to your device after our repair is completed. Explicitly our warranty does not include:

  • Physical Damage of any kind

  • Water Damage of any kind

  • Electrostatic Discharge Damage of any kind

We look forward to helping you solve all of your smart device repair needs! A full copy of or warranty is provided via email after every repair. If your device is in need of warranty service set an appointment now for immediate service!

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