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Microsoft Surface Repair

Our technicians specialize in all sorts of repairs, including the Microsoft Surface. Whether you need a battery replacement or screen repair, our pros will help you get in and out of our shop in no time!

Did you shatter your Microsoft Surface's screen by accident? We know how annoying and frustrating it is to try to use your device while its cracked, if its even usable anymore. There is no need to stress though, because we can get you in and out of our repair shop in 45 minutes or less with brand new screen!


Recently bought a new device and need your data transferred from your Microsoft Surface? Don't risk losing any of your data and let a professional take care of it - data transfers are very time consuming and risky to do on your own. If your Microsoft Surface is going extra slow or getting a bunch of random pop-up ads all of the time, it may be infested with a harmful virus which our pros can also help you remove. 


If you're having trouble charging your Microsoft Surface, one of two things could be happening: either your battery is dead or the charging port needs to be repaired. Repair 2 Fix will help you find the root of the problem and solve it as quick as possible.


We provide you with the highest quality, lowest price, and fastest repair. We guarantee the quickest turnaround on all repairs. As a standard, we have a 90-day warranty on all repairs and parts so we can assure your happiness with our services. Contact our repair technicians today to get your Microsoft Surface back in shape!

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