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Samsung Tablet Repair

Repair 2 Fix specializes in a variety of tablet repairs, including the Samsung Tablet. There are a variety of issues that may come up when owning a tablet, and our pros can help!

Is Google Assistant not hearing you say "Hey Google" or responding to your voice commands? One of your tablet's microphones may be broken. Or, are your videos playing and no sound is coming from them? It may be time to replace the speakers on your Samsung tablet! 


We know how frustrating it is to accidentally crack your screen and try to use your tablet. Sometimes you can hardly see or it is completely unusable. If your camera is no longer working or is cracked, we can also help you fix that up in 45 minutes or less. Our pros can help you fix your screen or camera rapidly so you can get back to your day!


Is your tablet failing to connect to your computer when you connect it with a USB? Or is it taking forever to charge? Your charging port may be damaged and needs to be fixed - we also replace batteries if you are finding that your tablet is not holding charge. 


We provide you with the highest quality, lowest price, and fastest repair. We guarantee the quickest turnaround on all repairs. As a standard, we have a 90-day warranty on all repairs and parts so we can assure your happiness with our services. Contact our repair technicians today to get your Samsung tablet back in shape!

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